Concrete Truck Mixer

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Description of Concrete Truck Mixer:
A concrete truck mixer or called a concrete transport truck/in–transit mixer are made to transport and mix concrete from a factory/plant to the construction site. It has been seem as a kind of indispensable construction machinery/construction equipment.
Features of Concrete Truck Mixer:
Concrete truck mixers(concrete transport trucks/in–transit mixers) are charged with dry materials and water, with the mixing occurring during transport. Or sometimes some concrete truck mixers can be loaded with 'Ready Mixed' concrete.
Applications of Concrete Truck Mixer:
Concrete truck mixers(concrete transport trucks/in–transit mixers) are widely applied in the construction site to provide concrete for road-making, bridge-building, channel-making, etc.
Working principle of Concrete Truck Mixer:
These concrete truck mixers draw out the power for the truck chassis to drive the variable pump in the hydraulic system. So as the mechanical energy can be changed into hydraulic energy then passed to rated motor. Then the motor drives the redactor which can start the mixer/drum and mix the concrete.
Specifications of Concrete Truck Mixer:
Quality performance   Overall weight (kg) 24980 24500
Overall equipment weight (kg) 11925 9900
Max. load weight (kg) 13055 14600
Overall size (mm) 8100x2490x3750 8480x2490x3794
Chassis performance and specification Chassis type CWB459HMZ(Euro.II let) ZZ1252N3246F
Wheelbase (mm) 3200+1300 3225+1350
Tread (mm) 2045/1860 1939/1800
Max. speed (Km/h) 96 75
Min. steering radius (m) 7.9 9.3
Min. ground clearance (mm) 240 314
Leave-taking angle  (°) 18 22.5
Engine PF6 WD615.68A(69)
Model 6-sylinder water-cool/ after-cooled, turbocharged 6-sylinder after-cooled, turbocharged
Overall let/power (L/Kw) 12.503/253 9.726/225(247)
Mixed   cylinder performance Geometry cubage  (m3) 10.6
Available cubage (m3) 8
Tilt angle (°) 14
Mixed cylinder speed (r/min) 0~14
Turning direction(from back-end) Material-in wider shins,material-out deasil
Material-in speed m3/min ≥3
Material-out speed m3/min ≥2
Remainder rate  (%) ≤1.0(When fallen concrete amount to  80~90mm)
Rear parts ass'y Material-in input(long*width)mm 1035X996
Material-out output long (mm) 1734
lengthen output long (mm) 780
Hydraulic transmission system Pump Model Rexroth A4VTG90HW/32L Rexroth A4VTG90HW/32R
Max. work pressure MPa, Exhaust of cylinder ml/r 35 , 90
Engine Model Rexroth  AA2FM80/61W
Max. work pressure MPa,  Exhaust of cylinder ml/r 35, 80
Decelerater Model German ZF P4300
speed rate 135.3
Oil tank/radiator AKG assembled oil tank17L&strong- cold radiator
Water supply system Water tank cubage (L)/water pump model 250/WP24-180B12(DCP24-180B12)
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