LTU60 Asphalt Paver

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This LTU60 asphalt paver is ideal equipment for construction to pave the highroad, urban road, plaza, square, and so on.

This machine features compact structure and easy operation. It adopts double sets of advanced hydraulic stretching screed and auto level sensing device, so the road has high paving density and the road surface becomes smoothness. The easily wearing parts are made of the internationally advanced antifriction material, which greatly improves the reliability of this machine.

Model: LTU60

Basic paving width 2800mm
Max. extension width 5000mm
Max. paving width 6000mm
Max. paving thickness 250mm
Min. paving thickness 10mm
Traveling speed 2.30~16.84 km/h
Paving speed 3.07~9.16m/min
Max. theoretic productivity 300t/h
Planeness 3mm/3m
Hopper capacity 12 t
Max. climbing capacity 20%
Total weight 12-14.5 t
Overall Size
Length 6394mm (transportation 6064mm)
Width 3000 mm (transportation 2733mm)
Height 3695mm (transportation 2888mm)
Model F6L913T
Type air cooling with 6 cylinders
Power 86kW/2300r/min
Diesel oil tank capacity 200 L

Drive system
This machine is driven by the mechanical and hydraulic system. The flywheel is connected to the speed gearbox while the front is coupled to the double pump. This drive system is used to supply the power for the mechanisms or operations which are listed below.
1. Traveling device
2. Scraper conveyor and auger
3. Vibrating system
4. Up and down movement of screed; overturning of hopper; operation of cylinders

Traveling device
This traveling device is made up of the speed gearbox, high and low ratio transfer case, differential mechanism, and semi axles. This device is powered by the driven chain wheel.

Load mode
There are 6 wheels in total. The two front wheels are solid wheels while the four rear wheels are pneumatic wheels.

Steering system
The steering mechanism uses the bridge-framed mode. The bridge center can revolve and is connected to the vehicle frame center. The steering knuckles are installed on the both ends of the axle and are driven by the hydraulic cylinder, so the solid wheel can revolve at the corresponding angle.

This hopper capacity is about 12 tons. Driven by the hydraulic cylinder, the hopper can overturn and then discharge material fully.

The roller is used to push the rear wheel of camion.

Scraper conveyor and auger
Our asphalt paver is applied with two conveyors at both sides and each conveyor has its own independent drive system. The conveyor clutch is controlled by hydraulic cylinder. The chain wheel transfers the power to screw or auger.

Electric system
This system has 2 batteries with 24V voltage.

The cab is made with steel tubes and is provided with a canopy.

Automatic level sensing device
Equipped with two longitudinal and one transverse automatic level sensing device, this asphalt paver is able to realize longitudinal and transverse automatic adjustment.

Working device
Double sets of hydraulic stretching screed

Screed Basic width 2800mm
Arch adjustment 0~4%
Vibrating Frequency 50HZ

This LTU60 asphalt paver is a tool used for the road paving construction like building highway and urban road, and plaza and square by using asphalt mixture.

Performance Features
1. This machine adopts 86Kw Deutz air cooling engine which can reliably run, supply strong power, and even start in low temperature environment.

2. The L/R conveyor and auger are independently operated. They are easy to operate. Auger can be stretched to ensure material feeding. The detachable helical screw blade is made of antifriction material, so it is convenient to replace. This guarantees long service life of screw or auger.

3. The automatic leveling sensing device ensures the road smoothness. This device meets the grade criterion of freeway that its grade is 3mm/3m and its slope is 2/1000. The device can be immediately controlled and eliminate the problem of invalid fill of mixing material, so the construction cost can be reduced.

4. The screed can be extended steplessly. The electric and hydraulic system is easy to control, which reduces the time to assemble the screed due to adjustable width. This plate makes use of automatic ignition method.

5. The soleplate used by screed and conveyor is crafted from world-class anti-wearable material.

6. The centralized lubrication system can make the moving parts and the parts with high temperature lubricate automatically.

7. The fuel oil electrical driven cleaning system makes the cleaning work quickly done and reduces the work intensity.

8. The electrical system adopts advanced procedure and technology. All the elements and wire connections are numbered according to circuit diagram for easy troubleshooting.

9. Our asphalt paver can provide wide eyeshot and has a removable operating platform. All the control elements are displayed on the operating platform and are easy to operate. The operating platform can be moved right and left, which reduces the operator's labor strength and improve the paving efficiency. Meanwhile, the pavement quality is guaranteed.

Key Parts
1. DEUTZ engine with air cooling
2. Hydraulic pump from Germany Stauff Corporation
3. Hydraulic vibrating motor adopts domestic famous brand
4. Speed changing box or gearbox uses domestic brand made by the second motorcar company
5. Control valves adopts domestic brand from Beijing HUADE
6. Famous-brand automatic leveling sensing device in domestic market
7. High and low pressure directional control valve from Italy Atos Corporation.
8. Centralization lubrication from Zhejiang Huabeier Company