Hydraulic Vibratory Single Drum Road Roller

In order to ensure product reliability and service life, we manufacture our hydraulic vibratory single drum road rollers using carefully selected components. For instance, our rollers are powered by 160kW Cummins turbocharged diesel engines, which work normally in harsh environments. In fact, they can perform compaction operations even in high altitudes, over 4000 meters. In addition, other components, such as hydraulic pump and motor of hydraulic system, are purchased from world famous suppliers.

Our hydraulic vibratory single drum rollers are mainly used for compaction applications in road construction. They are usually found in highway, airport, harbor, dam, railway and many other large scale construction projects.

1. The hydraulic system is operated through the single operation lever, which ensures simple operation, contributing to less operating time and higher operational safety.
2. The hydraulic vibratory single drum road roller allows a selection of four infinitely variable speed ranges.
3. The vibration amplitude and vibrating frequency can be adjusted according to the specific application requirements.
4. The hydraulic vibratory road roller uses high quality, durable planetary gear reducer, built in wet multi disc brake and can realize braking by cutting off fuel supply, so as to increase the safety of this road building machine.

Our hydraulic single drum vibratory roller is equipped with powerful Cummins diesel engine for high fuel efficiency and low noise, emission. The engine is mounted at rear of the roller and its hood is easy to open, which offers easy access to the main hydraulic components, thus greatly facilitating maintenance and repair work. In addition, the streamlined engine hood and the utilization of large curved glass and air conditioning in cab enable our vibratory roller to satisfy customers' aesthetic and comfort requirements. The hydraulic system adopts hydrostatic drive and can be simply operated through the single hand operated lever. Two infinitely variable speed ranges are provided. In case that fuel supply is cut off, the brake system will automatically inhibit motion for safety.

Our hydraulic single drum vibratory rollers are mainly used to compact noncohesive materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sand and gravel mixture, sandy soil and rock filling etc. for base course, subbase and embankment filling. Quality built and long lasting, they have become the preferred heavy equipment for the construction of high class highways, railways, airports, harbors, dams, and more.

As a China-based hydraulic vibratory single drum road roller manufacturer and supplier in China, SINOMACH also provides walk behind roller, crawler bulldozer, backhoe loader, crawler excavator, and more.