Motor Grader 717H

724MH Motor Grader

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Technical Specifications
No. Model Motor Grader 717H
1 Engine Model SC11CB
Rated power 175kW/240PS
Rated speed 2300r/min
Max. torque 750N.m
Max. torque speed 1500-1700r/min
2 Operating weight Front axle 570kg
Rear axle 14000kg
Whole machine 19000/20000kg (standard/with front dozer and rear ripper)
3 Overall dimension Length 9230/10910mm (standard/with front dozer and rear ripper)
Width 2800/2890mm (standard/with front dozer and rear ripper)
Height 3550mm
4 Speed Gear 1 2 3 4 5 6
Forward (km/h) 5.74 8.73 13.02 17.49 26.98 38.98
Reverse (km/h) 5.74 13.02 26.98 - - -
5 Steering Frame articulated angle Left: 25°, right: 25°
Min. turning radius 8600mm
6 Max gradeability 20°
7 Blade of motor grader Size 4422×688mm (length×chord height)
Max. grading depth 470mm
Max. slant angle Left: 90°/right: 90°
Rollback angle 360°
Range of cutting angle 36°-66°
8 Dozer Width 2890mm
Height 1020mm
Max. bulldozing depth 205mm
9 Ripper Width 2087mm
Max. grading depth 315mm
Number of tooth 5
10 Wheel base of front and rear axle 6660mm
11 Wheel tread of motor grader 2280mm
12 Max. traction (φ=0.75) 128.7kN(standard)
13 Working environment Altitude 3500m
Temperature -28.5-40.4°C
Relative humidity 78.5%
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