The paver or paving machine refers to a kind of road construction equipment functioning to evenly spread mixed paving materials onto road surface. It is commonly used in road construction and maintenance fields, and construction of airport, dam, seaport, and parking lot, etc. as well.

As a professional road paver manufacturer based in China, SINOMACH offers a wide selection of models of road paving equipment for clients to choose from. Classified by traveling method, this road building machine is divided into wheeled and crawler pavers. Wheeled road paver has fast traveling speed and high paving efficiency; while crawler ones ensure uniform paving thickness even the roadway is rugged, and they have larger traction force and ground contact area as compared with wheeled ones. Clients can choose an appropriate type of paving equipment according to their application demands.

SINOMACH paver finisher is designed with large capacity material hopper, from minimum 7t to maximum 14t. This greatly improves working efficiency and ensures uniform paving thickness, because there is no need to stop the equipment frequently for paving material feeding. The spiral material distributor of the road paver is installed with blades rotating in reversed direction, and the spiral height is adjustable. This design effectively reduces material separation and largely improves paving material density and evenness, thus ensuring final road surface quality.

We are an experienced paver manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including hydraulic vibratory single drum road roller, crawler excavator, rotary drilling rig, motor grader, and much more.