At SINOMACH, not only do we manufacture and supply a wide range of construction equipment, but we also make an assortment of OEM quality replacement parts for the most popular makes and models of excavators in the world. The excavator parts from SINOMACH include excavator chassis (lower and upper chassis), undercarriage frame as it is also known, excavator arm or stick, and excavator boom.

1. Lower Chassis for Excavator

SINOMACH manufactures undercarriage frame for excavators under the brands of Hyundai, Kato, Sinomach and other international famous brands. The X-shaped lower chassis for excavator mainly coordinates with side beams to drive the excavator to travel. It is manufactured using the state of the art technology and equipment. We also conduct nondestructive testing to key parts.

The heavy equipment parts are all made from high performance plates by means of top tier assembling, robotic welding and high precision machining processes. They are made in strict accordance to the standards of Hyundai and Kato excavators, ensuring high reliability.

2. Upper Chassis for Excavator

The upper chassis, center slewing table as it is also called, is one of the five major structural parts of excavator. It combines with the lower chassis to form the main slewing unit for excavator. This excavator part comprises lower plate, side plates, reinforcing plate, upper cover plate, etc. Same with the lower chassis, it is manufactured using the best in class assembling, welding, machining and nondestructive testing processes, ensuring extreme reliability and durability. In addition, it can strictly comply with the standards of Hyundai and Kato excavators.

3. Excavator Arm or Stick

The excavator attachments are a box-shape excavator part mainly composed of bucket linkage, hydraulic cylinder mounting base, boom mounting base, right and left side plates, upper and lower cover plates, arc plates, etc. They are used for digging, loading and other actions. According to length, the excavator stick can be divided into standard, long reach and short types. In addition, it can be a reinforced stick with an addition of reinforcing plate.

Due to finite element analysis, the structure comes with an extreme reliability. Manufactured in strict accordance with the welding standards and welding technology of Kato and Hyundai, the excavator arm features high precise installation dimension. With 100% ultrasonic flaw detection to the welding joints, it provides exceptional stability.

4. Excavator Boom

The excavator boom, also known as swing arm is comprised of stick mounting base, hydraulic cylinder mounting base, undercarriage mounting base, side plates, upper and lower cover plates, arc plates, etc. It is used to connect the excavator stick to control the digging and loading actions. Designed with reinforced plates, it can be called reinforced boom. It is also manufactured by cutting edge welding technology and to the standards of Kato and Hyundai, ensuring accurate mounting size. 100% ultrasonic flow detection ensures high reliability of boom.

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