Motor Grader

The motor grader creates a flat surface using its long blade. As a motor grader manufacturer in China, we offer different models of road graders which are CE certified and successfully exported to Europe and North America markets. This range of construction equipment is designed based on Germany technology and production processes, and is equipped with famous brand components and parts, so as to ensure reliable performance.

The motor grader also has many characteristics in its design, and the details are listed below.
1. The grader equipped with a Cummins engine which comes with low operation noise and meets related environmental protection requirement. So, it is environmental friendly and fuel efficient as well. Meanwhile, the streamlined design of engine cover make the engine nice looking, and the side-opening design make it easy for maintenance.
2. The transmission system of the motor grader adopts hydraulic-mechanical driving method, which provides the machine with flexible and precise speed changing. Additionally, the ZF electro-hydraulic transmission system is manufactured with a protective cover to ensure operation safety.
3. The heavy equipment is equipped with a three-section rear axle from Germany and a No-Spin differential mechanism from the USA, which allows the construction machine to travel smoothly even on mud road. Meanwhile, the box-structured front axle enables loads to be distributed evenly and avoids sealing off life long.
4. Innovatively, our motor grader's front frame is manufactured using hot press forming technology, and the box structure provides the frame with high torsional strength.
5. Our road grader has a heavy duty blade which has a service life 50% longer than that of ordinary types. Meanwhile, its gear box has over loading protection function, so the safety operation of the blade and transmission system as well is assured. In addition, the heavy equipment is designed with bottom circular guideway and upper runner to ensure the smooth and flexible movement of the blade. This structure also effectively avoids the abrasion to the blade and improves the leveling precision due to free adjustment of the blade.
6. REXTOTH, SAFIM, HUSCO and other international brand hydraulic parts provides our motor graders with reliable performance and high sensitivity.
7. The fully hydraulic front wheels and articulated steering system assure easy steering, and emergency steering system assures safety operation. In addition, our motor grader is designed with double circuit hydraulic brake system and disc brakes to ensure reliable and smooth braking performance. Wet brake is optional and it requires no maintenance and offers long lifespan.
8. Our motor grader comes with 3 kinds of drive methods that are optional front-wheel drive, rear-four-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. Each kind of drive method offers the construction equipment a special function. Front wheel driving helps improve the leveling performance. All wheel driving provides 30% increase in traction force, which make the grader ideal for snow removal and even worse working conditions.
9. The cab with Roll Over Protection Structure and Falling Object Protective Structure is also designed with damping proof and noise reduction functions, and offers wide visual angle. This ensures operator safety and comfortable operation environment as well. In addition, the motor grader is designed clear digital control panel, adjustable operation platform and driver seat, warm/cool air conditioner, audio device and more to maximize driver comfort.
10. The equipment can be equipped with optional parts such as front dozer, rear ripper, scarifier, mudguard, auto leveling, blade floating system, etc., which allows it to be applied in more fields.

We are a professional motor grader manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products including crawler excavator, wheel loader, road milling machine, and piling machinery, among others.