Crawler Excavator

The three models of crawler excavator or digger are easy for operation and can be used in varied environments, so they have high operation efficiency. They are equipped with Japanese Yanmar engine. The high output power of the engine enables this heavy equipment to have high loading capacity. Meanwhile, the Yanmar engines come with reliable performance, low failure rate, and are fuel efficient, so they require less maintenance and fuel cost. This finally translates into the low operation and maintenance cost of our crawler excavators.

Our crawler excavator has compact structure and small size as well as light weight, so it offers reliable performance even in narrow and limited spaces, and has no other special requirements for working site. These design advantages make the construction equipment commonly seen in road and building construction, pipeline installation, and mining industries, used for digging of holes, foundations and more.

Trough analyzing and comparison of varied hydraulic systems, we equip our crawler excavators with a hydraulic system with improved performance. Compared with ordinary ones, the hydraulic system utilized in our diggers comes with less pipeline connection so as to reduce failure rate and avoid leakage. Meanwhile, the compact and rational component configuration efficiently reduces the size of the hydraulic system. Through practical use, it has been approved that the hydraulic system is reliable and stable, and its components coordinates well with each other. Additionally, the hydraulic system allows the equipment to slew first and then outputs power for other operations. This ensures the high working efficiency of our hydraulic excavators.

Our crawler excavator is equipped with an intelligent electrical monitoring system and large LCD display to offer real time operation status display. The system allows the heavy equipment to have failure alarming or failure display function, and it can also offer alerts to operators according to maintenance schedule so as to ensure timely equipment maintenance and repair.

The cab for our crawler excavator is designed based on ergonomics principle to ensure health and productivity. The adjustable driver seat suits for operators with varied heights and sitting postures. Meanwhile, we know that the cab window size directly influences driver's visual angle and the ventilation inside the cab, so we design our digger with a cab window that can offer the maximized visual angle and good ventilation. These make sure operators feel comfortable while working, ensure operator health, and improve working efficiency as well.

The different models of crawler excavator shown on this page are equipped with engines made in Britain, making the heavy construction equipment fuel saving and environmental friendly. The turbocharged engines come with strong power and advanced cooling technology further ensures strong engine power. They conform to European environmental protection requirement, and are fuel efficient and low noise. The engine for our digger has three outputs, thus excavator operators can choose an appropriate engine output according to the working conditions, so as to reduce fuel consumption. Stepping motor controlled accelerator assures high precision performance and low fuel consumption as well.

In order to increase engine efficiency and reduce engine failures, our crawler excavator engines come with parts 40% less than traditional counterparts. So, our equipment engine is easier for maintenance, and offers lower failure rate, higher efficiency and longer service life. The fuel supply system for our excavators is also optimized by adding an additional cleaning system. Thus, the cleanness of engine fuel is increased, and this helps extend the service life of the engine.

The power transmission system of our crawler excavator adopts full-power control system with load sensing system and dual pumps, so as to ensure fast power transmission and the quick response of the heavy equipment. The utilization of multiple-way valve significantly improves the operation precision, and the slew priority design helps improve the operation efficiency. Our excavators are also characterized by high strength. They are designed with reinforced X-type frame, enhanced operation platform, and optimized boom and arm. The aforementioned parts are all made of high strength steel plates. After welding, the parts are given ultrasonic testing to ensure quality welding seam. These, coupled with optimized crawler design, provide our crawler excavator with high structure strength and reliable performance.

The same with our other range of diggers, these models of crawler excavator are also equipped with electronic monitoring system to show the working status of the equipment. Operators can get the related information via a user-friendly LCD display easily. In order to allow users to deal with system failures conveniently and timely, our construction machinery is also designed with remote fault diagnosis function, failure alarming function and maintenance reminding functions.

Designed with a large capacity fuel tank, the crawler excavator can work continuously without the need for fueling up, and this is an efficient way to increase working efficiency. Reinforced standard bucket allows our diggers to suit customers' varied application demands. In addition, the heavy equipment is manufactured with a large cab to offer a comfortable environment for operators. There are multiple air inlets which help improve the ventilation inside the cab.

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